NQA and NTA Joint Media Statement on the recognition of short courses in Namibia
28 Jul 2016

Windhoek - 

The NQA and the NTA have been inundated with requests from industry and training institutions alike that short courses be recognised, and that learners of such training be awarded credible certificates to attest to their attainment of skills and knowledge. Similarly, the recognition of short courses on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) has for long been a challenge in Namibia. 


This challenge was further highlighted with the introduction by the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) of Regulations for the Registration of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Providers (Government Notice 300), and Regulations Relating to the Use of the VET Levy for Funding Training Programmes and Projects (Government Notice 5395).


In view of the fact that the scope of the NQF does not currently provide for the recognition of short courses, the aforementioned challenges have prompted a consultative inquiry into how short courses could possibly be recognised. This process is of particular significance for VET Levy-paying employers who, under this programme’s Employer Training Grant Funding Allocation, may claim back up to 50 % of their contributions, based on evidence of training conducted for a particular financial year.


In responding to the aforementioned challenges, the NQA commissioned a study to consult key stakeholders to seek their views and recommendations relating to the formal recognition of short courses in Namibia. Following the completion of this consultative process, the two regulatory bodies, NQA and NTA, agreed on the following resolutions:


       i.        Defining Short Courses in Namibia: Short courses in Namibia be defined as any activity involving teaching and learning that requires less than 400 hours of learner effort (or less than 40 NQF Credits).


      ii.        Categories of Short Courses in Namibia: Short courses fall under two broad categories – those that are credit bearing, which are registered on the NQF, and non-credit bearing in that they fall outside the intended scope and purpose of the NQF.


     iii.        Quality Assurance of Short Courses: Credit bearing short courses must be offered by an accredited institution as per provisions of the Accreditation Regulations of 2006 (Government Notice 124). Regarding the non-credit bearing skills development programmes – where such courses are of vocational nature, the provider and the course must be registered by the NTA. The NTA is prioritising the processes around the registration of providers of such short courses.


     iv.        Certification of Short Courses: Short courses that are registered on the NQF and that are offered by accredited training providers will be recognised by the NQA. Conversely short courses that clearly fall outside the NQF scope, are to be certificated principally through certificates of attendance. In some cases, a vendor-certificate may be issued.


      v.        Responsibilities for Professional Short Courses: Quality Assurance processes for any short courses intended for the meeting of professional development requirements and/or ongoing rights to practice as a professional is the responsibility of the relevant professional bodies recognised by the Government of the Republic of Namibia under law, or by other means.


 Moving forward, the NQA and NTA, as sister regulatory organisations, under the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation will continue to engage their stakeholders regarding these resolutions and how to proceed as far as the implementation thereof is concerned.



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