The NQA Council

The NQA is governed by a Council of 7 members who are appointed by and report to the Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation. Representation on Council reflects the valuable diversity of knowledge, skills and experience required to lead the NQA. The Council is appointed for a term of three years. The first Chairperson of the Council was Mr. Vitalis Ankama. The current Chairperson of the Council is Dr. Romanus Shivute Shivoro.

Council Committees

The NQA Council has a number of committees assist it to fulfil its legislative responsibilities. These are the:

  • Accreditation, Assessment and Audit Committee
  • Qualifications Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Finance, ICT, Risk and Audit Committee

Committee membership may include non-members.



NQA departments

The NQA is serviced by a Secretariat and has four principal departments:

Office of the CEO

The CEO is Mr Franz E. Gertze

The Deputy-CEO position is currently vacant

Administration Department

This Head: Administration position is currently vacant.

Accreditation, Assessment and Audit Department

This department is responsible for the accreditation of education and training providers and for conducting the quality audits leading to their re-accreditation. The department will also audit national assessment arrangements for national qualifications registered on the NQF.


The Manager of the department is Ms. Indileni Mweutota.

Qualifications Department

This department is responsible for the registration of qualifications and unit standards on the NQF and for the evaluation of qualifications from abroad. This department will also administer the national database of learner attainments.

Ms. Harmoni Beukes heads this department.