Can I e-mail or fax my application form together with my certified copies to your office?

The NQA must have the original certified copies of your qualification(s) and other supporting documents. You have to post your applications together with certified copies or personally deliver them at the NQA Office, at 44 Bismarck Street, Windhoek. The Postal Address for NQA is: Namibia Qualification Authority Private Bag 13247 Windhoek

How long does it take for one to receive his/her evaluation report?

The process takes six working weeks. However this depends on the availability of information and the completeness of the application.

I am from a non-English speaking country; however I am fluent in English. Can I translate my own documents into English?

No, you cannot translate your own documents. For all the non-English documents, they must be translated into English by a Sworn Translator who is sworn in by the High Court of Namibia, or be translated by the awarding Institution of the award submitted for evaluation.

Does the NQA evaluate short courses and programmes?

No, most of the time it is not accredited and or quality assured in the country of origin.

I received an evaluation report from your office, but to my surprise there is no indication of the level of my qualification. I am afraid that the HR Department will not accept it. Please explain to me.

Firstly, it might be that you had an old evaluation report. The NQA Council resolved in 2007 that no evaluation reports issued previously be changed. The decision was taken to ensure that no qualification holders be disadvantaged by the NQF system. Secondly it might be that your qualification was not yet registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) of Namibia at the time of the award. Therefore, the evaluation report that you received is as valuable as other reports with levels.

What is the meaning of a Pre-NQF qualification?

It includes all Namibian awards that is not yet registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of Namibia.

How does the levels on the evaluation report relate to duration/years of study?

The levels are not linked to duration of a programme; it refers to the complexity of learning of the programme.

Can the Certificates that I have be combined to give me a Diploma?

No, the NQA evaluates each qualification as an entity.

If I’m not happy with my evaluation outcome what is the way forward.

The NQA has an appeal process; appeal must be lodged within the time frame. Two weeks of receipt of the evaluation report if uplifted from the NQA offices or after six weeks of issue of the evaluation report if mailed. The applicant should have the grounds for appeal to be considered.

Why must my qualifications be evaluated?

The NQA evaluates qualifications to give definition/value to a qualification and to compare it to the Namibian system (NQF). Evaluation is also done to verify authenticity, legality, validity of the awarding body and qualification.

When I intend to study at an Institution how will I know that you will recognize my qualification after completed my studies.

The NQA offers a service of verifying the status of an Institution and its programmes.

How can I make use of this service and what are the charges involved?

You need to complete and sign the request for the accreditation status of an institution form with clear details of personal information and enquiry. There are no charges involved.

How long will it take for the outcome?

The process takes 7 working days depending on the completeness of the application form and the availability of information.